Programming internships are a common hunting ground for Australian employers to search for new talent. By signing up to Industry Connect’s specially designed programming internships, you can get yourself in prime position to be snapped up by one of Australia’s leading software companies.

Why employers come to us for staff

As far as IT companies are concerned, programming internships are the perfect place to recruit new employees. One of the main reasons employers come to us to recruit is time and resources- both are saved by simply pooling from Interns.

Usually to hire someone, companies have to advertise, go through CV’s, hold interviews, whittle down the candidates, hold more interviews and then finally pick someone they hope is right for the job. This process takes time and money, and they are usually the one thing a business doesn’t have.

By simply coming to Industry Connect, we can suggest which of our Interns would be best suited to the position, and show examples of their work. There’s no big manhunt for someone, they simply come to us and we provide the perfect partnership!

Business also know that by hiring through programming internships, the odds of finding someone that fits the position is higher, and therefore the employee-retention rate is higher. In fact, studies show that companies that hire Interns are 40% more likely to retain employees for five years or more.

This is obviously good for everyone, and is a real incentive for companies to come to Industry Connect for fresh talent. They also know that they can gain fresh new employees year-round, and don’t have to wait until graduation time.

Experience is the key

The biggest advantage however for employers hiring through programming internships is the quality of talent available to them.

By hiring an Intern, any potential employer know they are hiring someone with experience. They know they are hiring someone who not only knows how to programme, but has experience in other subjects that aren’t taught in University.

An Intern has been working in real-time situations, has dealt with real-life clients, both good and bad, and most importantly, has been working with other people. These things stand them head and shoulders above any other applicant, and any potential employer knows it’s a safer bet to hire someone who comes recommended.

If you’re an IT student in Australia who is interested in a career in software development, then it’s a good idea to seriously consider programming internships. Industry Connect have a special course designed with you in mind, with connections and partnerships all throughout the industry. It’s our aim to find you a job at the end of your internship, and local businesses know who to call when they need fresh talent without the hassle.

Our programming internships have worked wonders in New Zealand, with hundreds of graduates and immigrants finding work through us.

Contact us today if you’re interested in starting your career in IT. Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to discuss which options are available to your unique situation.


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