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Sean found a career after only 5 months with us!

September 1st, 2022|Business Intelligence, Real Stories|

Changing or launching a new career can take time, often years, but with Industry Connect, you can have a new life in weeks!

The jobs that will pay the highest salaries in 2040

May 10th, 2022|Business Intelligence, News, Software Development, Test Analyst|

I recently came across this article on LinkedIn and thought I would share it with you to see if you are either looking at changing your career to IT or you want to upskill your current skill set. It is from the "Financial Review". In this article, by Marianne Power, Nikolas Badminton talks about different [...]

Alfred secured a position as a BI Developer!

March 24th, 2022|Business Intelligence, Real Stories|

Alfred Vincent just landed a position as a BI Developer in the Health Industry after joining Industry Connect. Read more here.

What’s happening in the IT Software Market?

January 14th, 2021|Business Intelligence, News, Software Development, Test Analyst|

I was reflecting on 2020 the other day and the way in which things have changed for a lot of people worldwide in the way that we do things, how we think about our jobs and careers and what is most important to us. All of us here at Industry Connect have seen a dramatic [...]