Another success story from Industry Connect! Mamta now has a Business Intelligence & Analytics Developer job, a role that’s very hot right now in the industry.

Before Mamta left us to start her new career, we sat down and asked her about her time with Industry Connect and how we helped her.

First of all, congratulations on the new role! Tell us Mamta before you came to Industry Connect what was your experience internationally and also why did you decide to come to Industry Connect when you reached New Zealand?

I got married and after that I came to New Zealand. After securing my work visa I was looking out for a job but actually it was very difficult for me to get a job because I had analysed market trends in New Zealand, and that to get a job you should have a local experience. So to get a local experience I got to know about Industry Connect online and then I decided to enroll myself with Industry Connect. Soon after I started working here as an IT intern.

And while you were here working here as an intern what kind of experience and technical skills did you pick up along the way?

You know to get a job you should have experience in a live project, so I was working here on a live project, and I got to know about the New Zealand culture, manager expectations and I got to know about the skills which are really in demand New Zealand like a .net, MVC and angular JS. Many front end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript libraries like jQuery yeah and backend technologists like sequel server. So with that it really gave me a lot of confidence so that I can crack a job.

And you mentioned the technical skills but outside of the technical skills what kind of soft skills did you pick up along the way here on your internship?

After I came to Industry Connect it gave me a lot of confidence in not only improving my technical skills but also my soft skills, basically in my communications. I also got exposure to New Zealand work culture, what managers would expect and what should be my attitude, that kind of stuff. I learned here and it really benefited me a lot.

Well it’s good to hear that you benefited so much from that, but for someone who was considering doing Industry Connect and was on the fence about whether or not to do it what would your advice to them be?

I strongly recommend them to join Industry Connect and for the people who are really migrating from overseas countries so that they can get a local experience, they can get exposure of New Zealand work culture and that will help them to get a job full time, permanent job here.

Awesome. Well congratulations Mamta on the new role and we wish you the best for the future.


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