We have helped hundreds of graduates launch their careers in the IT industry, and our friend Mia now has a front-end developer position starting soon! Before she left us, we caught up with her to ask her about her time here.

First of all congratulations on your new front-end developer job! Before coming to Industry Connect Mia, what kind of experience did you have in New Zealand, and what was the reason you decided to join us?

Before I came to New Zealand I was a student. I studied MSSQL at AUT, and when I graduated I found it hard to get a job because I had no experience. And it’s hard to believe you have the ability to handle this job, especially for international students. That’s why I want to join Industry Connect, to get hands-on experience, it’s very important.

In terms of working on live commercial projects with teams, what kind of experience did you pick up there?

For the teamwork, the most important thing is communication. It’s very important to communicate with your senior developer, and with the other interns. It’s especially important for international students to describe the question clearly, as English is not our first language. I also learned from hands-on experience what I can do and what I can not, and that’s very important.

And in terms of technical skills here at Industry Connect, what type of skills did you pick up?

I picked up a lot of skills here, especially when it comes to computer language. C#, ASP.NET and MSSQL Server, and that was very important. The C# is for the backend, and at the front end we have HTML and CSS, but you need to look at the system overall to understand how it all works together, and that’s what I learned here at Industry Connect.

For someone that’s in the same position as you and is looking for experience, and is considering coming to Industry Connect, what would your advice to them be?

If I have any advice for people thinking of coming to Industry Connect, it would be simply come here quickly! You will get lots of hands-on experience, and it’s a very friendly environment with lots of teamwork.

Well thank you for your time Mia, and good luck in your new front-end developer position down in Christchurch.

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