“When I first came I was a blank slate, I had no IT background at all.”

Dong Tran is the latest Industry Connect graduate to secure a job, this time as a Data Analyst Intern.

Before he started on his new adventure, we caught up with him via Zoom to ask about his time with us and if he had any advice for others who wanted a career in IT.

Congratulations on the new job Dong! How was your time with Industry Connect?

Yeah, I think MVP is quite amazing. When I first came to it, I didn’t have any IT background. I didn’t know anything, I was a blank slate, I had no background at all.

Then when I got my first project, I thought “There’s no way I can do this!”, but then when I got into it and I researched and worked 10 hours a day, and I slowly made some progress. Then I finished the project and I look back on it, and I can’t believe I did it, you know? It’s unbelievable.

Then we have Question Help, and that was like really helpful to me whenever I didn’t know anything. I could just go up there and search for questions and guidance, so this was very good for me.

Which part do you think was the most beneficial?

The training was all right but it was a bit rushed and I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to apply anything once I started the internship. But then once I got into the internship, I could apply everything I learnt to my work and projects.

What would you suggest to people who want to get into the IT industry?

I think they should focus on the soft skills because I think technical skills you can you very easily gain, but with soft skills, it’s like a mental thing you know. And I wasn’t born with it. I wasn’t born being a person that can easily communicate.

And most managers and companies now look for soft skills – people who can communicate with others, so yeah, I think soft skills are the most important part to me. I don’t know about other people, but definitiely for me it’s the most crucial part to improve and focus on.

Would you recommend Industry Connect to everyone?

Definitely yes!

Yeah, because I learned a lot from you guys and from the company and the IT training. I also got a lot of support from people – it’s a good community. If someone is struggling in IT I would recommend Industry Connect and MVP Studio so they can improve and get a job.

I will get a job soon – it’s like a step to move forward and you guys provide it.

Well thank you for your time Dong and congratulations on your new position as a data analyst intern!

If you would like to know more about Industry Connect and how we can help you take your first steps in the IT world, then contact us today.

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