I think joining Industry Connect is a very good path to get some experience

When applying for jobs, you need to know what employers are looking for.

Which programming languages are industry standard? Which are no longer relevant? Which are up and coming?

There’s no point spending 4 years at University only to come out with knowledge of something no one cares about and is useless at a practical level.

That’s why here at Industry Connect, we keep up to date with the latest practices.

We have our finger on the pulse of the IT industry, with real-world jobs and businesses part of our daily life.

That’s why when people come to us, they only learn what’s relevant.

We’re not here to keep you as long as possible by teaching you things you don’t need to know.

We want you in, learn everything you need to get a job, and then out into the working world, hopefully earning as much as possible!

We taught Eric everything he needed to know to land a job

Eric Yu joined us on our BI course, and after learning a lot of new things he need for an interview, he secured a Managed Service Data Consultant position.

We caught up with Eric before he left to ask him about his time with us and some of the in-demand IT skills he learnt here.

Hi Eric, congratulations on the new job! What was your intern experience like with Industry Connect?

It was great. I joined the BI course at Industry Connect, and it was a really good course for me because I done some new things I did not know before. I didn’t know PI or BI, so I learned a lot about that.

Even the things I did know about, I got to see from a different angle, for example the SSIS, SSAS, even though I already have some experience on those developer tools.

And also in MVP Studio, I learned how to use some local tools, in the local company, just like the Slack. I learned a lot when I was working in the company in China, then here I learned how to use local tools, like how to join the scrum meetings in the morning, and Slack – everything like that.

And also my friends and colleagues in MVP Studio, I learned a lot from them, and also from you and Ray, so thanks a lot for that.

Would you recommend Industry Connect to everyone?

Yeah, definitely, because you know if someone want to take some local programs, I think joining Industry Connect is a very good path to get some experience.

Well thank you very much Eric, it was great to have you with us, and we wish you all the best for your new job.

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If you’re involved in the IT industry, but can’t seem to pin down what employers are looking for, then come and talk to us at Industry Connect.

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Joining her will be the Industry Connect team members, as well as the owners of successful software companies, all of whom are ready to answer any questions you may have.

The gang will explain who we are, what our programmes are, and how you can join us.

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