More good news from our New Zealand branch with Miral securing a job as a software developer!

She’s just one of the thousands of people we have helped over the past few years launch their careers in the IT industry.

We caught up with her to ask about her time with us and if she would recommend us to others.

Congratulations Miral! You’ve just landed your first software developer job in Auckland, how was your experience with us?

When I joined, honestly I didn’t know anything about react! I just knew .net, but even that was at very basic level because I hadn’t worked in the industry or MP Studio before.

I have worked in the industry but not there, so that was new for me and to add to that, we are using react in our C# project so we have C# api then we act as a front and so that was completely new for me.

So I learned react and the benefit of that is, in my project currently no one knows react and I’m the only person who knows react and everyone is like asking me everything! So I feel great to know react and MVP is the only reason I got to learn about react, so react for me is a strong point of why I got this job.

In SQL as well, because those guys work quite a lot on SQL so that’s also what I worked on of course, so for me it was great to learn what I learned up until now.

Would you recommend Industry Connect?

When you are from a non-English country, I mean to say from India or China or any Asian country you don’t know English at all. Even if you know it, you can’t speak fluently so it’s hard to even understand what the other people are saying.

So when you attend the sessions you actually get confidence, even though you are wrong you can’t make the sentence, you can’t structure anything, but you are confident at least to say something to answer to whatever person you are talking to.

I think the “life skills” instructions and the “English at Work”, those have been really helpful to me .

Would you recommend Industry Connect to others?

Obviously! Yes if they really want to do it and they really want to work on their technical skills and their soft skills as well, but the thing is, they have to focus because if they really don’t want it then MVP Studio can’t do anything.

They really have to have a goal to achieve that and maybe they will definitely help with that.

Well thank you Miral and good luck in your new job as a software developer in Auckland!


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