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Devaharsha is drinking a pint of Guinness tonight because he’s just landed a job as a data analyst in Ireland thanks to our help!

We caught up with him to ask about his time on the programme and how it helped.

First of all, congratulations on your new job as a data analyst in Ireland! How did you get involved with Industry Connect in the first place?

I was searching over the internet regarding different kinds of job opportunities and everything, and one day Industry Connect came up on Google or somewhere, so I just dropped them an email!

I looked up their reviews ratings and everything and everything looked good with the internship regarding those things.

They had a live session going on so they asked me to join. I joined up, they explained about the straightforward process, like what exactly was going on. They were going to give us training for this particular period and then if we were eligible, they would get us placed on a job-ready program.

Then they asked individual people what exactly they are doing, what is their experience, and how can they use themselves over their experience for the BI and this kind of the thing.

If you have a minimum basics of you can enter into Business Intelligence or are you better suited in quality assurance, which is software based.

I just told them I already did my masters in data science and analytics and I haven’t had any particular hands-on on BI, but I’ll be willing to learn.

Then they gave me an offer for the Industry Connect training.

How did Industry Connect help you become who you are today?

Yeah I would say they helped, yeah, they did help me. At the end of the day, it’s your skill and it’s your experience that will be asked, but all the things that take you towards an interview is what Industry Connect can exactly teach us.

For example, here teaches how communication works and how to politely talk, how the business conversations work and then how to keep your calm. So I wouldn’t say they pretty much started in the strike point but they indirectly impact everyone.

If you go to interview you just talk about your experiences, you answer the questions – that’s your knowledge.

At first we started with the onboarding task and then the competition tasks. They both were like pretty straightforward – I have a little experience with databases and stuff – so I worked along with the people who joined with me, explaining and helping them.

So onboarding and competition were clear; we have certain tasks to do certain things, even though you did not mention any kind of conditions or particular things. We learned how to build a data warehouse and what exactly it does, so that was good.

Would you recommend Industry Connect?

Yes I would recommend provided he has a little or not very good communication skills or he’s not able to present himself good and he had not a diverse knowledge of what he is doing. If that was the case, I would definitely suggest to him he should go to Industry Connect.

I would say if a person has a little experience and he could present himself, I wouldn’t say he would be needing Industry Connect, because this is definitely useful but for people who are not able to present themselves and have a very little knowledge of even the technical sided of things.

Well thank you Devaharsha and congrats again on securing a job as a data analyst in Ireland!

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