Why a programming internship with us is the gateway to a successful career.

 “You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.” Does this sound familiar? This Catch 22 isn’t new, but it’s becoming more and more common- and more and more of a problem- in the digital age.

You may have more computer skills than Neo from the Matrix, but without experience, any job interview you land will usually end in disappointment. All prospective employers will want someone who has experience in the work-force, someone who knows how to work with people, and someone who has real-world problem solving experience.

So how do you get around this roadblock? The answer is a programming internship with Industry Connect. We can help you achieve essential, real-world experience in the work force, gaining valuable knowledge you simply can’t learn in a classroom. Get a foot up on the competition and join our intern program.

If you’ve just graduated from University, congratulations! Now join the queue for a job interview with the other 200 Graduates! And guess what, they graduated with a First too! Ask yourself, why would an employer choose you over the other 199 potential employees? EXPERIENCE is the answer! And not the type of experience you get in a classroom, but real-world experience. Meeting deadlines, dealing with clients, making connections, solving real-time problems- this is what any potential employer will look for on a CV. And this is what will make you stand out from the other 199 candidates.

Get ahead of the competition with a programming internship through Industry Connect. If you’re serious about working in the IT and software industry, then you need to stand out from the crowd, and experience is the way to do that. Don’t forget, this is the fasting changing industry in the world! Everything you know will be obsolete in a short time, and there’s a new group of work-eligible Graduates only 12 months behind you! The competition for jobs is constantly increasing, and places in programming internships are filling up fast.

The most common, surprising and satisfying thing Graduates discover in a programming internship is how much they learn in such a short time. You may think you know a lot about computers, but you’re about to discover how much there is still to learn. The you six months from now will be on another level, and you’ll never look back. You’ll be working with and learning from industry professionals, day in and day out, improving you skills and widening your knowledge base.

We guarantee you, the one thing they didn’t tell you about in University was how important personal connections and relationships are in the workforce. With a programming internship through Industry Connect, you will gain invaluable connections, meeting and working alongside people who have been in the industry for years. Jobs are awarded and careers built on relationships, both personal and business, but getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. A programming internship opens that door and invites you to step through.

What is Industry Connect?

Industry Connect is an IT/Software Career Launchpad that has everything you need to kick-start your IT/software career in AU, NZ, UK, IE, SG, HK, IN, ID, VN & PH.

Industry Connect's Ecosystem

We have been helping career changers, recent IT graduates and people with career gap to start their IT/software careers.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds kick-start an IT/software career. (Verifiable evidences are available on this website)


We are an innovative software training school backed by global/local software companies. Our ecosystem is an incubation process that supports our participants until they launch a tech career.


Our Job-Ready training programmes focus on,
  • Software Development
  • Business Intelligence (or Data Analyst)
  • Test Analyst

  • Six Weeks Training Classes (Practical Tech Skills)
  • Three Months (or more) Structured Internship on Large Commercial-Scale Projects (Learning enhanced, flexible Hours)
  • Employer Network (job analysis and internal referral if goals are met)

You can join us via Zoom (live face-to-face meeting) remotely from anywhere and "download" the valuable knowledge & experiences from our tech experts across different tech centres.

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